The problem about all graphical programming languages is that when your project becomes complex, not only will you have spaghetti code, but it will actually look like spaghetti too.
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The second PLOW installment will host a tutorial on Code Smell Refactoring.

Please follow the installation guide to install and configure JDeodorant.

Please download and import in Eclipse the Code Smell Projects for the tutorial session.


The agenda

Room: L4812 4th floor — Pavillons Lassonde, MacKay-Lassonde, École Polytechnique de Montréal

March 4, 2014

9:00-10:30 JDeodorant and Code Smell Refactoring – Nikolaos Tsantalis

11:00-12:30 JDeodorant and Code Smell Refactoring – Nikolaos Tsantalis

March 5, 2014

9:00-10:30 Code Smells an Overview of the History and Research Directions – Nikolaos Tsantalis

11:00-12:30 JDeodorant and TXL Challenges

14:00–15:30 JDeodorant and TXL Challenges

16:00–17:00 JDeodorant and TXL Challenges

PLOW Refactoring Challenge handout
PLOW Refactoring Challenge project

Vote for JDeodorant at Eclipse Marketplace

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