God is Real, unless declared Integer.
  • J.Allan Toogood, FORTRAN programmer
  • In FORTRAN, undeclared variables are typed according to their first letter, so "God" would be a real number.
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JDeodorant goes open-source PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nikolaos Tsantalis   

The source code of JDeodorant has been made available on GitHub (August 30, 2014).

JDeodorant has completed 7 years of research and development history, since the July of 2007.

I would like to thank all those that contributed to JDeodorant over the years:

  • Marios Fokaefs (Detection of Extract Class refactoring opportunities)
  • Theodore Chaikalis (Detection of type-checking code smells)
  • Giri Panamoottil Krishnan (AST matching for the refactoring of clones)
  • Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino (Visualization of Feature Envy and God Class code smells)
  • Raphael Stein (Visualization of clone differences)
  • Zackary Valenta (AST matching for the refactoring of control structure variant clones)

Kim, Raphi and Zack have been funded with an Undergraduate Student Research Award from NSERC. Giri has been funded by NSERC and the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia University.

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